Friday, 23rd October 2020

Modernisation of the Weather Stations Network of the Mexico City Water System

Sistemas de Aguas de la Ciudad de México

Areas of Activity: Hydrology, Information Systems

Sectors of Operation: Meteorology, Drainage Networks, Water Supply



“With this modernisation, SACMEX has better knowledge of the state of the rains and can reduce their impact in emergency situations, ensuring public safety and the prevention of injury and property damage.”
Ramón AGUIRRE. General Director. Mexico City Water System. Mexico

Mexico City Water System (SACMEX) is responsible for providing the residents of the Federal District with drinking water, drainage and sewerage services, as well as treatment and reuse of wastewater in sufficient quantity and quality. Also, SACMEX is responsible for coordinating the Storm Unit whose mission is to protect hydraulic infrastructures, guaranteeing efficient management in resolving the effects of heavy rain and ensuring the safety of residents and mitigating damage.

To this end, it modernised and expanded the network of weather stations, increasing the range of operation and monitoring, as well as the weather variables. The technological renewal of the information system has enabled an improvement at a technical and functional level, integrating all functions in a single system and equipping SACMEX with a number of key capabilities for the success of their mission.

The new system has maximised efficiency in activating the emergency protocol for storms, facilitating the decision-making process and increasing the level and availability of the service.


· Ensure optimal and efficient management of episodes of severe storms, minimising the resolution of possible effects on infrastructure and the impact on citizens and the urban environment.
· Guarantee maximum coverage of the region, thanks to a better and powerful weather stations network.
· Facilitate decision-making in emergency situations, due to the technological renew of the system that ensures total reliability and quality of information, which is analysed and validated in real time.

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